Dogs Available for Adoption

All dogs in this album have been assessed and are ready for adoption. Our dogs come neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and are subject to a homecheck and adoption donation. If you are interested in any of the dogs in this album please go to and fill in a register of interest form and also drop us an email at telling us a little bit about yourself and your home offer.


Bracken is a 6 year old Chihuahua cross who narrowly avoided euthanasia after being given away for free a month before Christmas because his new owners suddenly decided they couldn’t cope with him anymore and wanted him gone. He is a sweet little lad who has been through a lot of change lately and needs some stability in his life with committed owners who will work with him, give him a chance to settle and feel safe again. Bracken is a bright confident friendly little chap, he enjoys his walks, is good the car, is housebroken and non destructive in the home, gets along well with the other dogs in foster and tolerates the cats although may be better in a home with no cats or very dog savvy ones. Bracken is fearful at times due to mishandling in his previous home, he can growl when having a harness put on or when being picked up sometimes. This is all fear driven and can be easily redirected, it has come on well in foster and decreased a lot although potential adopters will need to be aware of it and continue working with it. Bracken was painfully thin when he came to us and we were told he would not eat dog food of any kind. This proved true however when we examined his mouth it was full of very broken, rotten and painful teeth. He has since had a dental and had 12 extracted but is still quite fussy with food generally. We think this is because he associates it with pain. We have settled him on a raw food called nutriment which he eats regularly and is doing well on. He is gaining weight slowly but is still on the leaner side. He is sensitive to new foods and potential adopters will need to bare this in mind if they wish to change the food in the future. Bracken is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and will be subject to a home check and adoption donation. He will also come with a voucher for a box of free food. Please note he will not be available for adoption until we have reopened after the festive period.


Everyone meet 4.5 year old Chihuahua x Kai. This lovely boy has come into rescue due to having some issues that have been made worse by being passed on and returned repeatedly. His original home that had him since a puppy had a baby who Kai developed quite a fascination with. He was not aggressive with her but spent a lot of time wanting to be close to her. The owners originally tried shutting him out of her room but he would push in and hide under her cot when they went to put her down for bed and became snappy and problematic when they tried to remove him from there. Unfortunately they rectified this behavior by confining him to one room and not allowing him access to the baby (or any other member of the family.) Kai spent a great deal of time locked away and as a result has developed some confinement anxiety. He doesn’t bark or get destructive but when doors are closed on him he spends a great deal of time pacing backwards and forwards anxiously. It’s a similar behavior to weaving in horses when they are stabled for too long with little stimulation. He generally worries about where you are going if you walk towards a door and tries to barge past you first in panic that you are going to lock him away. He also panics about coming back into the house when you let him in to the garden as the only time he was allowed to go out of the room was when he went for toilet breaks and he worries that he’s going to get locked back in there. Eventually the family recognized that the situation was not right for Kai and handed him over to a large scale rescue organization to find a home. They placed Kai with 2 homes in 3 months and he showed a lot of resource guarding behavior aswell as the anxiety about being shut away. He is particularly worried about men now (possibly as a result of something that happened in the second home) and unfortunately was mishandled in the 3rd home causing him to bite. When he was returned to the organization they placed him on a euth list due to this and began looking for a rescue space for him with a non destruct rescue and that’s how he came into our care. He is a complex little lad who has had a lot of change in a short amount of time and is struggling to comprehend all this. We are working on his confinement anxiety and pacing behavior with regular exercise and redirection, Surprisingly he doesn’t mind going in a crate so he is crates over night or when we go out. Kai is in foster with multiple dogs who he doesn’t really interact with or bother with, he isn’t a problem with them to be honest but he can be quite reactive when he sees them out on walks. He hasn’t been an issue with our cats. We haven’t seen any aggression from Kai other than showing us his teeth, sometimes he gets worried about things and doesn’t want anyone to touch him. If you try and handle him in this mindset he is defensive, we think he overthinks things and gets a bit freaked out over nothing. However this hasn’t happened a lot and he is generally very sweet and affectionate. Kai is incredibly smart and knows an array of tricks, he picks new things up so quickly and would excel at trick training or something that allowed him to use his little noggin. Kai is housebroken, crate trained, non destructive in the home and ok to be left for small durations of time. He will take a patient understanding owner but will be a rewarding boy with the right home. The rescue are happy to offer continued support and advice with his issues. Due to his bite history we won’t be accepting applications with children. Kai is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and will be subject to a home check and adoption donation. He will also come with 4 weeks free insurance and a voucher for a box of free food.


Barley is a teeny tiny 5 year old JRT cross. He’s going to be a difficult dog to home but we’ve done it before so I want to do it again. ❤️ First let me tell you the good. Barley is sweet natured and full of character, he’s funny and is such a foodie. He’ll do anything for food. We don’t have much history on Barley, he was a stray that was taken to kennels and we were asked to help him because he wasn’t coping well there and we are very experienced in these kind of cases. He is doing much better in a home environment, he loves his walks and enjoys his bed. He’s non destructive in the home and house trained. He’s also happy to be left for reasonable durations of time, knows tricks and will chat to you for a treat. Now for the bad; Barley is incredibly fear aggressive with strangers. Upon entering rescue he refused point blank to let anyone touch him. Instead he hid under beds growling and snapping at us. We left him to it, gave him time and eventually he came out and bonded to my partner. She was able to pick him up and stroke him with no aggression but he still wanted nothing to do with me. I once made the mistake of going to stroke him in her arms and he nearly had my finger off. With the aid of food and further training Barley has now willingly accepted me as well and enjoys my company. I can pick him up, move him etc and he’s very playful and sweet with me without issues.
Barley triggers appear to be:-
❌ Being approached when in someone’s arms. New adopters will need to warn people not to try and stroke him when he’s picked up and at the first sign of aggression he needs to be placed back down on the floor and corrected with a “NO” or he will bite the approaching person.
❌ Being stroked when he is in a crate or cornered. Potential new adopters will be advised not to have a crate or approach him when he’s confined.
❌ Being stroked through bars such a stair gates. Whilst this is improving we have found it to be a trigger point for him.
Overall Barley is an easy dog once he knows you. There just needs to be reasonable adjustments in place to keep everyone (him included) safe. His ideal adopter would be someone who has no expectations for him early on and is incredibly kind and patient. We do not think he would allow a visiting person to stroke him so it is unlikely he will be handled at first meets. What needs to happen is that he is moved to his new home via a crate and then the crate is opened once safely in his new house and left. When he comes out of it the crate needs to be taken away and Barley essentially needs to be ignored until he feels confident to start interacting with people. Upon doing that he shouldn’t be pushed, just reassured with treats and positive reinforcement and once that phase is over with he will be like a completely normal dog. Although visiting people will need to be aware not to stroke him suddenly or try to pick him up.
Barley issues will need ongoing work although he is honestly the sweetest little dog and is no trouble at all here. I sometimes forget he even has issues. He is ok with dogs although nervous around bigger dogs and will snap at first meets, although he has been fine with dogs in foster. He is also fine with cats.
Barley is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and will be subject to a homecheck and adoption donation. He will also come with 4 weeks free insurance and a voucher for a box of free food. The rescue will provided life time back up and support regarding Barley’s issues and work with potential adopters with training and advice. He just needs a chance. ❤️

Coming Soon

All dogs in this section are soon to be arriving into Pupcakes in the next couple of months. Some photos aren’t great as they may be from pounds and kills shelters and information is limited but we will know more once they are assessed. Feel free to register interest via our website register of interest form  ahead of time and we will update you when we know more.