Dogs Available for Adoption

All dogs in this album have been assessed and are ready for adoption. Our dogs come neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and are subject to a homecheck and adoption donation. If you are interested in any of the dogs in this album please go to and fill in a register of interest form and also drop us an email at telling us a little bit about yourself and your home offer.



Step right up! Step right up! Folks little Ivor is officially up for adoption. This 18 month old chihuahua is such a handsome little fella and quite the poser in front of a camera. Ivor came into Rescue due to his owners poor health and unfortunately he has not been socialized as much as he should have been in his puppy days. He is a typical example of a chihuahua who has been treated like a handbag dog and he will need a firm hand with ground rules and lots of mental stimulation with walks and training, preferably with someone who is experienced with the breed. Ivor is incredibly smart and knows basic commands, is crate trained and mostly housebroken. He had a couple of accidents when he first came in but has been clean since. He does well with the smaller dogs in foster but can be worried by the bigger dogs however this is improving with time. He is incredibly naughty with cats and tries to entice them into running so he can chase them, unless you have an incredibly dog savvy cat I would say he probably shouldn’t live with them. Ivor is happy to be left for small durations of time in his crate and is incredibly affectionate with people. Due to his size and being allowed to rule the roost in his previous home he can be a bit stroppy so would not be able to be homed with young children. Ivor is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and will be subject to a homecheck and adoption donation. He will also come with 4 weeks free insurance and a voucher for a box of free food.


Scully is a 6/7 year old small-medium sized Lurcher cross. She is a very sweet girl who adores people and is wonderfully playful. She can be shy when she first meets people but soon warms up. Scully came to us as a stray so we have little history on her but what we have observed whilst in foster is that she has obviously had a distinct lack of handling in her past. She is not frightened of people but is not used to being picked up or led anywhere. She isn’t aggressive with this at all but is incredibly vocal and will scream in quite a dramatic fashion. I have had to explain to my neighbors a few times that we are not hurting her; just trying to teach her how to walk on a lead. This is getting better with a harness and lots of treats and patience but she sometimes does still panic and scream when I hold my hand out to stop her or try to maneuver her somewhere. Quite sadly I think she has been beaten or had a not nice time on a lead before. I’m certain with time and patience this will rectify but adopters will need to be aware that it may be a while before she is ready to go for walks outside. Now for the good; Scully is clean and non destructive in the house. She is very food motivated and easily trained, she sleeps downstairs quietly all night. She lives with a lot of dogs and is good with them however can sometimes be reactive when they are in her space. She doesn’t attack them but does bark at them. I’m unsure if this is because there is a lot of dogs here and she finds it overwhelming or if it’s becase she’s generally a little grumpy but 9/10 she gets along great with them. She doesn’t have any seperation issues and is calm and relaxed when left. Scully is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and subject to a home check and adoption donation. She will also come with 4 weeks free insurance and a voucher for a box of free food.

 It’s time for the very gorgeous Wilfy to find a home of his very own. ❤️ This boy is a gentle giant with a heart of gold who has been an absolute diamond whilst in foster and makes fans wherever he goes. He is a large sized lurcher x who has an incredibly thick coat that was quite matted when he came into Rescue so has had to be shaved off, but when it returns his adopters will need to be aware that it will require some maintenance. Wilf absolutely loves people and is fantastic with cats and dogs. He’s housebroken and walks well on a lead. He is very playful and comical but can nip when over excited so wouldn’t be suitable to live with children. There’s no malice in it and this is improving with training from his foster mum. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and subject to a home check and adoption donation. He will also come with 4 weeks free insurance and a voucher for a box of free food.


Coming Soon

All dogs in this section are soon to be arriving into Pupcakes in the next couple of months. Some photos aren’t great as they may be from pounds and kills shelters and information is limited but we will know more once they are assessed. Feel free to register interest via our website register of interest form  ahead of time and we will update you when we know more.